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Thank you for visiting our online shoppe and, your interest in our diverse portfolio of artisanal and novelty offerings.

We have been together more than 20 years gathering the very best of every category that we personally love and showcasing Artisans that we admire for their commitment and expertise in their craft and its integrity.

Artisans showcased in our portfolio have their own individual, inspiring story crafting art and design from whimsical to exquisite.  We exclusively offer Artisanal works from the Americas and Europe. We proudly support our American Heritage and honor our own European Heritage.

My childhood was spent in my Grandmother’s Flower Shop – a traditional neighborhood florist that shared every event with Families and Friends in joy and sorrow.  Every Family member contributed time, love, energy and commitment to making her business a success on a daily basis, especially at holidays.  Of course, there was no shortage of food to fuel everyone’s energy so we had lots of volunteers too that were fed well from the Italian traditional meals and treats throughout the year reflective of each season and holiday.

Love of flowers, their design, as well as their power to bring joy and comfort sorrow was inspiring. So, throughout my career I developed my own shoppes in various formats but the one I loved most was in an historical neighborhood that combined my passions of tea and flowers in one place.  Teapetals was my little tea room filled with my Grandmother’s furniture, an eclectic array of antique china and silver and a “garden” flower shoppe named Garden Gate.  The neighborhood so loved it as did I.

Not far away was Tony’s neighborhood filled with his own European traditions based in the German, Ukranian and Polish cultures.  Very different from my own so the blend in our kitchen and cultural traditions certainly make for a unique profile but one we have mastered!  Our work ethic is exactly the same as was most European immigrants who taught their children the basic rules of success – work hard!

Natural Skincare was another passion and mandatory practice in my life so we developed our own line of cleansers – Artigiano’s Skincare in a Bar. Artigiano means “Artisan” in Italian and you will note that most bars reflect their Italian name as its reference.  However, the ingredients are easily recognizable as products in your kitchen, fridge or garden…you can pronounce them too!  No chemicals, sulfates, parabens, preservatives – no junk.  Just pure cleansers that clean, hydrate and offer the inherent properties of ingredients you see every day!

We hope you love all the pieces of our world within these virtual walls and return often to see new discoveries both in the artisanal and novelty variety. Hope to see you again soon and count you among our valued clients but most of all – Friends!

Take good care,

Tony and Lynn

Anti-Aging Face Patch


Clinically-proven delivery system that creates a replenished environment for your skin to rejuvenate from the inside out!

Mechanism of Delivery

When the ANTI-AGING PATCH is activated by the facial skin humidified, the occlusive layer interferes with the process of gas interchange, increasing temperature and blocking evaporation.  This process creates an absorption effect allowing the active ingredients, vitamins, and botanical extracts to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin.



Ø Hypoallergenic

Ø Hydrates the skin

Ø Improves your skin’s tone, texture and elasticity

Ø Diminishes lines and wrinkles

Ø Reduces damages due to sun overexposure

Ø Immediate results visible and accumulated at long term

Ø When the patch is removed, it takes with it all dead cells (exfoliative action), giving an immediate sensation of new, fresh and vibrant skin.


Spa Treatment at Home to deliver Anti-Aging Botanicals & Vitamins to the interior layers of your skin!

Patch To Treat Aging Skin

The Patch Technology represents a revolutionary and unique means of delivery of different beneficial molecules from the epidermis to the dermal layers.  The osmotic process allows active ingredients to cross the cellular barrier to penetrate and heal the dermis from the inside achieving beneficial effects to the epidermis.  The immediate results are visible through total hydration of the skin after the occlusive film is removed.  The Patch Technology provides an unmatched advantage to conventional skincare creams or lotions. 

Advantages of Patch Technology

  • Hypoallergenic, No Preservatives, No Adhesives
  • Increased hydration
  • Penetration to the dermal layer with active ingredients
  • Increased cell wall permeability and microcirculation
  • Immediate effects are accumulative with continued use.
  • Smoothes fine lines & wrinkles. 
  • Visible results in 15 minutes

Application [Use only with distilled water]

  1. Cleanse your face thoroughly with no residue
  2. Remove the treatment from the foil package.
  3. Detach the cut-out parts.  Make additional cuts for a better fit
  4. Moisten skin with distilled water (Do NOT use chlorinated water)
  5. Apply patch from forehead to chin.  Make sure that the cut-out portions are correctly positioned over eyes, nose and mouth.
  6. Smoothe creases and bubbles with wet fingertips until treatment fits like a second skin
  7. Allow film to dry completely.  Mist again.  Allow film to dry again.
  8. Remove treatment from chin and peel up gently.  Rinse.
  9. A non-irritating sunscreen or moisturizer with sunscreen is recommended as a final step.